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How long will a Bitcoin deposit take to credit?
This is largely dependent on how much you pay the Bitcoin miners in fees to complete your transaction.  If you choose to pay a higher mining fee, your BTC transfer will be processed in one of the next blocks.  This means there is a good chance that your BTC transfer will be confirmed almost instantly - typically well within 5 minutes at most.  On the other hand, selecting a lower mining fee will mean that your BTC transfer is not given the same priority.  In this case, you can expect to wait a bit longer your deposit to be confirmed by the Bitcoin miners.   Once your BTC deposit has 6 confirmations from the mining community, our system will credit the amount received to your account.  Please keep in mind that the Bitcoin price can be highly volatile, so the dollar-value amount you send is not always the exact amount that you receive in the Ripper cashier - it could be lower or higher! If your Bitcoin deposit hasn't credited after 120 minutes, please Contact Us.  Our friendly team will be happy to credit any Bitcoin deposit that has at least 6 confirmations after 120 minutes has passed.